Gum Treatment

Keep Your Gums Healthy.

Specialist cleaning helps control the bacteria that causes gum disease.

What is Gum Treatment?

Gum disease is caused by the bacteria which live in your mouth. Bacteria stick to your teeth, irritate the gums and can make them bleed. By treating your gums you can avoid gum disease, prevent bad breath and even tooth loss. The best thing to be done for healthier gums is improved oral hygiene. Beyond this, our hygienists use specialist equipment to carry out thorough scaling and polishing to remove any build-up of tartar which has formed on the teeth above the gum level.

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Benefits of Gum Treatment

Pain relief

Infected gums can become tender, sore, and painful due to bleeding.

Fresh breath

Gum treatment can reduce bad breath and leave you with fresh breath.

A great smile

With gum treatment your gums remain clean and align with your teeth, complimenting your smile.