Children’s Orthodontics

Expert Teeth Straightening for Children.

Many options to choose from.

What is Children’s Orthodontics?

Children’s teeth often move as they grow, particularly when milk teeth are replaced by permanent adult ones. Sometimes habits from childhood, such as thumb-sucking, can also affect how adult teeth come in. A good option for young patients is fixed metal or ceramic braces as they can be fine-tuned to make small adjustments to help guide the teeth into position. Custom-fit removable braces, such as Invisalign Teen are also highly recommended.

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Benefits of Children’s Orthodontics

Straight teeth

If your child starts treatment early enough they will gain perfectly straight teeth to last a lifetime.


Boost your child’s self-esteem with orthodontic treatment.

Oral hygiene

When teeth become straight, it is far easier to brush and to remove bacteria from all areas of the mouth.