Sensitive Teeth

Avoid The ‘Ouch’ Moments.

We can help with your sensitive teeth.

What are Sensitive Teeth?

There are numerous occasions when teeth can feel sensitive. You might be having a hot drink or eating an ice-cream. Or perhaps you are eating something sour or very sweet. It can even occur when you bite down on something. Teeth can feel sensitive in these situations because the protective enamel on the surface of the tooth may have been damaged. Sensitive teeth can also be caused by receding gums or a cracked tooth. If you have a concern get in touch and we can help.

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Benefits of Sensitive Teeth

Regular dentist visits

Make sure you visit the dentist often so they can keep check on your sensitivity.

Use a soft toothbrush

Swap out your hard toothbrush for a soft one. Soft bristles will cause less irritation.

Thorough oral hygiene

Ensure you have a tip-top oral hygiene routine with regular cleaning and flossing.